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Ukraine is considering alternative providers in addition to using Musk’s Starlink

Despite a hiccup last month, Ukraine still has faith in Elon Musk to keep delivering internet connectivity through his SpaceX rocket company’s Starlink satellite system, but it is also looking for other suppliers, one of its deputy prime ministers said on Thursday.


Mykhailo Fedorov, who is in Portugal for the Lisbon Web Summit, the biggest internet conference in Europe, claimed that Ukraine had spoken with Musk directly about Starlink and was convinced that the CEO of Tesla and Twitter would not halt the service there.


In answer to a query about the service from Reuters, Federov, who oversees Ukraine’s ministry of digital transformation, stated at a news conference that Starlink ‘worked, is working, and will surely work in Ukraine.’


Fedorov stated, ‘Elon Musk openly discussed this and we spoke with him about it, so we do not see a problem in this regard.’


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