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‘Sorry’ note with $100 left by man who destroys car at Disney World!

One of the top tourist destinations in the globe is Disney World, a destination for pleasure and enchanted experiences. But even if you’re at one of the top tourist destinations, one mishap may ruin your trip and mood. After having a great day out in Epcot, a Reddit member posted a picture of it on the site. A Reddit member shared a story of an occurrence that had left him absolutely astonished six days prior on the social media site.

The user stated that after spending the evening in Disney World in Florida, he returned to find his car in ruins along with an apology message and a $100 money. After leaving Hanson at Eat to the Beat, he wrote: ‘I discovered this in the parking lot with a letter of apology and $100, but no information to assist make a claim’.┬áThe five days ago posted post quickly went viral. Many people expressed outrage about the situation and sympathy for the person.

When one of the users recommended looking at the CCTV video, the owner said, ‘We did notify security and submit a report with FHP but they didn’t send anybody out because the car was not inhabited and is on private property. They claimed to have an investigator who could get in touch with us, but we won’t likely see any video until there is an active investigation’.

While many individuals were encouraged to believe that it was the World Florida Man who may have been at fault for this ‘accident’ was either uninsured or must have been intoxicated and fled the scene to avoid a DUI (driving under influence). The person’s location are still unknown because they failed to provide contact information on the apology message. Additionally, the owner noted that an insurance claim had been made and added, ‘The $100 is good, but I don’t personally know anyone with a deductible that low. I wish they’d been a bit more eager to take accountability’.


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