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‘Don’t just Google,’ listen to your parents and teachers; Pope

Pope Francis shifted his attention while travelling to Bahrain to assist the Catholic community there. ‘ Don’t merely Google your queries about life decisions, he said on Saturday as he presided over Mass, met individuals, and gave them fatherly guidance’. Take counsel from your parents, teachers, and other trusted sources instead.

Before seeking guidance online, he recommended, ‘Always seek out excellent advisers in life, intelligent and trustworthy individuals who can guide and support you’.¬†Francis is visiting the small nation for a four-day visit with an emphasis on strengthening bridges between Catholics and Muslims. It is his first trip as a pope to Bahrain. The government is paying for the vacation. According to the AP, approximately 30,000 people, some of whom travelled from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other Gulf countries, attended Francis’s Mass.

Pope concentrated on helping the 1.5 million-strong Catholic minority in the nation during the first two days of his visit. When speaking with Catholics, he advised them to do good even when it is done to them. Following the Mass, the Pope continued on to speak with pupils at a school where Catholics and Muslims co-studied. He urged them to continue their interfaith ties in order to have a successful future. Pope stated that exploring for solutions on the internet frees us from our established routines and automatic ways of thinking.




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