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The Shinde camp apologises after a Maharashtra minister verbally assaults Supriya Sule on television.

The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has reported Maharashtra minister Abdul Sattar to the police for reportedly abusing Supriya Sule, a party member and Sharad Pawar’s daughter, in a television interview. When Sattar was questioned about the alleged offers of bribery, he lost his composure and yelled at the MP.

Through attorney Inderpal Singh, the NCP employees complained to the police station in Borivali, a suburb of Mumbai, accusing Sattar of ‘insulting the whole women community of the country.’

‘We claim that on 7/11/2022, when reporters from Lokshahi questioned cabinet minister Abdul Sattar about the ’50 khokey’ (Rs 50 crore charge), he insulted and used unparliamentary language towards MP Supriya Sule. He responded angrily, disparaging the entire nation’s female population in the process. In light of the aforementioned conditions, we kindly request that you consider this matter seriously and comply with the law, as stated in the complaint letter that India Today TV was able to acquire.’

Deepak Kesrkar, a spokesperson for the Chief Minister Eknath Shinde-led Balasahebchi Shiv Sena, apologised on behalf of Sattar in response to the NCP’s protests.

‘I have expressed regret on Abdul Sattar’s behalf as his spokesperson. Sharad Pawar and Supriya Sule have our respect, but resignation is not an option’ explained Kesrkar.

In 2019, Abdul Sattar joined the Shiv Sena after serving for a brief period as a Congress minister in Maharashtra in 2014. Sattar followed Eknath Shinde after the Sena broke apart as a result of his bold and public revolt. Once the state’s new government had been established, he was appointed to the Shinde cabinet.


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