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‘Allegations of bullying’; Close aide to Rishi Sunak quits!

A little more than a month after being appointed to the Rishi Sunak cabinet, Conservative leader Sir Gavin Williamson resigned as a government minister on Tuesday under intense criticism. Williamson took to Twitter to release a letter in which he declined to express regret for his conduct but stated that the issue was having an adverse effect on the government’s operation and that it had led to his resignation.

‘You are aware that the text messages I sent to a coworker are the subject of an ongoing complaints procedure. I have apologised to the receiver for those texts and am following this procedure ‘, read the letter. ‘Other accusations regarding my prior behaviour have been made after that time. I dispute the characterization of these assertions, but I acknowledge that they are detracting from the fantastic job that this administration is doing for the British people ‘,said Williamson.

In order to ‘completely comply with the complaints procedure that is ongoing’ and cleanse his name, the Tory leader announced he was resigning from the cabinet.

The controversy
Theresa May lived at 10 Downing Street at the time the scandal first surfaced. At his capacity as defence secretary, Williamson bullied a senior civil servant in the Ministry of Defence, telling them to ‘slit’ their throat and suggesting they ‘jump’ out the window. The specific charge is made against the backdrop of Williamson’s former subordinate Anne Milton claiming in a TV appearance that he acted ‘threatening’ and ‘intimidating’ in the workplace.

‘On one instance, we had an MP who was experiencing some financial difficulties; financial assistance was provided. I do recall his requesting me to present the money to the MP in question, even if it wasn’t much,’ Milton added. He continued, ‘Make sure he understands that I now own him when you give him this cheque,’ as he shook it under my nose.

Milton, who served as a whip for the Conservative Party from 2016 to 2017, also stated that Williamson, 46, enjoyed to indulge in gossip, particularly sexual gossip. There were a few: ‘I’ve already mentioned scandalous rumours and information about people’s sexual inclinations. He admired all of that.  Guess who enjoys some form of sex or another’.




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