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Know how stress affects menstrual cycle of women

A new study revealed that women under severe stress are twice as likely to experience menstrual cycle changes. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh. The length and duration of the menstrual cycle  of more than half of the participants was examined in the study.

‘Stress can manifest itself in women’s bodies as changes in menstrual activity. And we know that Covid has been an incredibly stressful time for many people,’ said  Martina Anto-Okra, Assistant Professor of General Internal Medicine at Pitt School of Medicine.

Anto-Okra and his team carried out the survey in two parts. Of the 354 women who completed both parts of the survey, 10.5% reported high levels of stress. After accounting for age, obesity and other characteristics, the researchers found that women with higher Covid-19 stress were more likely to report changes in menstrual cycle length and duration.

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Women are often busy with childcare and household chores. In addition, changes in daily activities and the risk of Covid-19 infection were made women more under stress.

Menstrual cycle disruption and hormone fluctuations can affect fertility, mental health, cardiovascular disease, and other consequences. Ultimately, these factors can also have an impact on relationship dynamics by adding stress to relationships.

Chronic stress can activate a hormone called cortisol. This can lead to delayed or missed periods.Stress affects the functioning of hormones in the body. It can affect the hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle. The study also says that stress can lead to irregular or more painful periods.



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