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Outrage is caused when the groom appears at his wedding in a coffin that is carried down the aisle by his buddies.

Social media users have criticised a groom for his wedding-day stunt, which involved having his best friends carry an actual coffin down the aisle while he was inside of it.

An observer filmed the feat on video and uploaded it to TikTok. It received millions of views instantly and really enraged the groom.

In the entire clip, a hearse stops outside the wedding before six guests remove a casket from the trunk.

As the companions brought the casket down the aisle and into the reception area, the guests gasped in confusion. They were startled a little while later when the groom unexpectedly emerged from the coffin.

The coffin was escorted down the aisle by bridesmaids and groomsmen. They eventually stood in a line in front of the casket so that a photographer could take some shots.

In no time, the video had received over 8 million views. While some people found the stunt amusing, the majority of users thought it was extremely insulting.

‘Tell me you’re dramatic without telling me you’re dramatic,’ the user who shared the video urged.

‘Is this an interment? No, this is how my friend chose to enter the church’ added to the post.

One user posted, ‘I have the most intense ick. I would have left right away.’

Another person remarked, ‘I would literally call off the wedding.’


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