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In advance of the FIFA World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo discusses his actual feelings towards Lionel Messi.

The Argentine legend is like a teammate to Portuguese great Cristiano Ronaldo, who recently revealed his actual views for rival Lionel Messi.


Fans have consistently tuned in to watch when Messi and Ronaldo compete against one another at the club level since their rivalry has long been regarded as one of the greatest in all of football.


Both men have treated one another with the utmost respect on and off the field, and now Ronaldo has shared his honest thoughts regarding Messi.


The 37-year-old gushed over his Argentinian counterpart in an interview with Piers Morgan, reported The Mirror, saying that he is a wonderful player and that they have a great relationship.


Even though Ronaldo acknowledged that they don’t get along well off the field, the PSG forward is a terrific guy who has done a lot for the game, he added that he always appreciates how Messi speaks highly of him in public.


‘Messi is an amazing player, top… Imagine that we have shared the stage for 16 years as a group. We combine. I therefore get along well with him. I’m not his friend in the traditional sense; by friend, I mean the person who spoke on the phone with you when you were in his company, but it’s more like a teammate.’


Portugal is in Group H with Uruguay, Ghana, and South Korea, while Aregntina is in Group C with Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland.


The tournament final between Messi and Ronaldo is anticipated by football fans around the world.


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