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Not a fan of Musk? Join our team! Companies woo ex-Twitter employees

LONDON – Elon Musk’s aggressive management style making you uncomfortable? Come on over here! That is the sales pitch being used by talent-starved technology companies to entice thousands of former Twitter Inc. employees who were fired by the social media company under its new owner. Following Musk’s turbulent takeover of the social media platform, Twitter has abruptly fired top executives and implemented drastic job cuts. 3,700 employees, or about half of the workforce, have been let go.

As a result of his extensive changes, hundreds more are said to have left. The latest top manager to go on Monday was the director of French operations. In an attempt to seize this chance, some businesses are currently recruiting experienced engineers by making use of their contempt for the strategies used by the richest person on the planet. Hubspot’s (HUBS.N) chief people officer, Katie Burke, lashed out at reports that Elon Musk had fired a group of workers for criticising him on the Slack channels used by the company. Unable to independently confirm the stories, Reuters.

She stated in a Linkedin article that ‘as a leader, taking criticism is part of your job.  Outstanding leaders understand that conflict and disagreement are necessary parts of the process and that they improve you. HubSpot is recruiting if you’re looking for a place where you can argue with people (kindly, of course)’. Burke’s article had amassed over 35,000 favourable replies on Linkedin by late on Monday.

Requests for response from both Musk and Twitter went unanswered. Similar strategies are being used by other businesses like Hubspot. CoderPad CEO Amanda Richardson wrote an open message to Twitter users who have left the social media platform. Richardson called Musk’s takeover a ‘s*** show’ that had been ‘terribly irritating, disheartening, and demotivating ‘and cited Musk’s original restriction on remote work as evidence.

‘At CoderPad, we think your abilities speak for themselves. No, not where you sit. Unless you nap while working. not working 18 hours a day, seven days a week’.  Due to the shaky economic climate, other significant U.S. tech companies including Meta (META.O) and Amazon (AMZN.O) have also recently let off thousands of employees. However, the widespread criticism of Musk underlines the significant demand for highly qualified digital professionals in several sectors of the sector.

High attrition rates and a wave of digitalization initiatives throughout industry and government, according to a recent study from market research firm Gartner, have created a ‘hyper-competitive’ market for technical talent. Twitter’s massive layoffs and public resignations have raised concerns that the company is losing important employees.

In a similar Linkedin post, Calix CEO Michael Weening called recent events at Twitter ‘disturbing’ and assured potential new hires that their company’s culture ‘starts with our team members.  From our standpoint, this is a tremendous opportunity, since those who would not speak to us previously are disillusioned and looking,’ Weening told Reuters. People are saying ‘No more’ because of the poisonous society.




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