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This is why Elon Musk suspended Twitter’s paid verification ‘blue tick’ badge!

Elon Musk has chosen to postpone the introduction of the Twitter ‘Blue Verified’ badge following much commotion and uncertainty. The head of Twitter announced that he will put the $8 membership plan on hold until he is confident that impersonation has been stopped. He also mentioned releasing other color-based inspections for organisations, which would be distinct from those for people.

‘Blue Verified will not debut again until we are confident that impersonation will no longer occur. Will likely utilise a different colour check for organisations than for people’, Musk tweeted on Tuesday. On November 29, the $8 plan was set to relaunch after the firm had to temporarily stop using the subscription model because of the previous launch, which resulted in phoney accounts receiving the blue tick verification symbol.

Due to impersonation, thousands of such accounts were suspended, including the comedian Kathy Griffin’s account, which had two million platform followers. Twitter has been adding and then removing distinct checkmarks on well-known accounts ever since Musk took control. The grey checkmark was introduced, although its function was unclear, to set it apart from the blue checkmark, which is available for purchase by anyone. Musk met with Twitter staff members to discuss the launch’s timing before making the announcement there.

‘No upcoming layoffs’
Musk allegedly discussed the future of bluetick markings at the discussion, according to Verge, which received the conference tape. According to him, ‘Any social media site, no matter what it is, will be susceptible to bots and trolls unless there is some sort of payment barrier to drastically raise the cost of bots and trolls,’ he was quoted as adding. According to the meeting’s tape, which was obtained by The Verge, he also informed the staff that Twitter had stopped making layoffs and would instead start hiring again.

Twitter president resigns amid layoffs
In the midst of a wave of layoffs and the firing of key executives, Twitter Inc.’s president of the French division, Damien Viel, announced his resignation from the social media network. On Sunday, Viel tweeted, ‘It’s finished,’ praising his French crew. He did not elaborate on the cause of his leaving or whether other layoffs are anticipated in France.


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