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ESA plans to help millions by building space solar farms to harvest energy from Sun and transmit back to Earth

By constructing solar farms in orbit that will harvest energy from the Sun and send it to receiving stations on Earth, the European Space Agency (ESA) hopes to assist millions of people. This project is known as the SOLARIS plan.

ESA is set to approve a three-year study this week to determine if the idea of constructing enormous solar farms is practical or not in an effort to better comprehend it. Along with its affordability, they will assess its effectiveness.

According to a BBC story, the research ministers will discuss the proposal during their meeting on Tuesday in Paris.

The primary goal is to launch massive satellites into orbit that can generate as much electricity as a power plant.

ESA intends to investigate the essential technologies required to bring this visionary Space-Based Solar Power to fruition with the SOLARIS initiative.

The paper says, the SOLARIS programme will be the first to lay the groundwork for an effective plan to erect a system for producing renewable energy in space.

According to ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher, space-based solar energy could provide ‘enormous’ help in the fight against future energy shortages.

He said: ‘We do need to convert into carbon neutral economies and therefore change the way we produce energy and especially reduce the fossil fuel part of our energy production.’

‘If you can do it from space, and I’m saying if we could, because we are not there yet, this would be absolutely fantastic because it would solve a lot of problems,’ he added.


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