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British navy to equip ships with advanced long-range strike missiles

In a new agreement reached by defence minister Ben Wallace with Norway, British navy frigates and destroyers will receive cutting-edge long-range anti-ship missiles, it was announced on Wednesday.


The Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced in a statement that eleven British Type 23 frigates and Type 45 destroyers will be equipped with Kongsberg Gruppen ASA’s Naval Strike Missiles.


The missiles, which are almost 4 metres long, can reach subsonic speeds and strike targets on enemy ships and land at a distance of more than 100 nautical miles (115 miles), according to the MoD.


The surface-to-surface weapon known as the Harpoon will be replaced by the Naval Strike Missiles when it is phased out in 2023.


During a visit to Norway, Wallace noted that the two countries had a long history of defence cooperation. ‘This new arrangement strengthens our Royal Navy with a new surface-to-surface strike capability while cinching our relationship with one of our closest friends.’


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