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Students harass pregnant teacher on school grounds; Shocking reason!

According to authorities, a student’s poor academic performance and bad behaviour at school provoked a gang of pupils in Assam’s Dibrugarh district to reportedly assault a teacher who was five months pregnant. The incident happened on Sunday night after the victim’s history instructor had alerted the parents of a specific student about his subpar academic achievement at the PTC meeting that day.

‘Following the discussion, a number of students gathered in front of the main academic building and began tossing the teacher insults. A couple of the students shoved her, and one of them attempted to grab her by the hair ‘,he stated. ‘She was saved by some other women teachers, school staffers and a few girl students from the mob attack of the boys,’ Kumar said.

The instructor, who was about to pass out, was promptly transported to a hospital in the school car with a female assistant. ‘ 22 kids from classes 10 and 11 were involved in the event, according to our investigation, and I phoned their parents the next morning after holding an emergency meeting at my home. As soon as they became aware of the situation, the kids called me again and threatened to harm me ‘,explained Kumar.

Along with a few other instructors, the vice principal arrived at the Moran Police station right away. Police then arrived on the school grounds and issued a harsh action warning to the children. According to a senior police officer, no formal complaint has yet been made against the young students, hence no FIR has been issued. Kumar stated: ‘The Dibrugarh Deputy Commissioner’s office has been notified of the development. The ADC in charge of education promised us a magisterial investigation into the event and urged us to punish the children severely’.

He said that higher-ranking JNV management personnel have been apprised of the issue and a decision is pending. Deputy Commissioner (North East) for the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samitee K V Suresh expressed worry about the occurrence and described it as ‘very terrible.  To investigate, I’m sending the JNV Samitee Assistant Commissioner to Dibrugarh. Due to a number of issues, notably during lockdown, we have recently witnessed a decrease in the student-teacher connection ‘, he said.


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