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‘Communists quit India’: Hindu Raksha Dal slaps slogans on JNU campus walls

A brand-new saying was spray-painted on Jawaharlal Nehru University’s main gate, adding to the recent uptick in hatred and offensive inscriptions on its walls. It comes after the JNU Students’ Union claimed the JNU administration was investigating into the offensive and anti-Brahmin slogans that appeared on campus walls on Wednesday. In the most recent vandalism, communist criticism and comparisons to IS were made (Islamic State).

Allegedly, members of the Hindu Raksha Dal created anti-Communist slogans. ‘ Jihadis Quit India, Communists = ISIS,’ and other phrases were also written. Hindu Raksha Dal was really written on the wall as well. The government declared that it will take legal action against such conduct and that an investigation had already begun. Hindu Raksha Dal members, meanwhile, think Communists are responsible for the anti-Brahmin and anti-Hindu slurs. The Dal associates wrote against them as a form of protest. Sources said that these individuals also chanted outside the JNU main gate.

As JNUSU stated on Friday, the issue is pertinent ‘The activities in question have previously been perpetrated at JNU. Unknown individuals wrote ‘Muslim Lives Don’t Matter’ on JNU walls earlier this year. By poisoning the college atmosphere, such words are obviously intended to disrupt the campus’ routine. This is not the first instance of vandalism like this at the institution. There have also been other prior incidents’.

Students said that graffiti targeting the Baniya and Brahmin populations had been written on the walls, with images of the graffiti being extensively circulated on social media. Some of the wall graffiti reads, ‘There Will Be Blood, Brahmin Bharat Chhodo, Brahmins Leave The Campus, and Brahmino-Baniyas, We Are Coming For You! We’ll get justice ‘, according to news source PTI.

Taking serious notice of the course of events, JNU Vice Chancellor Santishree Pandi released a statement denouncing the act of ‘exclusivist inclinations’ and stating that ‘Such acts would not be condoned since JNU belongs to everybody.  JNU promotes diversity and equality. The VC reiterates that there will be no tolerance for any form of violence on campus,’the warning stated.



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