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With growing concerns over Putin’s health, he ‘falls down stairs, soils himself’!

In the midst of growing concern over the 70-year-old president’s failing health, it has been claimed that Vladimir Putin fell down five stairs and soiled himself at his official home in Moscow. According to The Telegraph Channel, Mr. Putin fell on Wednesday night and hit his coccyx, or tailbone, causing him to ‘involuntarily defecate’ because of the ‘cancer affecting his stomach and bowels’.

A team of medics and Mr. Putin’s three bodyguards allegedly came to his help, according to the anti-Kremlin station that purports to monitor Mr. Putin’s health. According to the New York Post, General SVR said that three bodyguards helped the president to the closest couch and called the house’s on-duty doctors.

Nothing serious was discovered; the president can move about independently and only has discomfort in his coccyx when seated. His condition was steady closer to evening. It comes little over a month after the chief of Ukraine’s military intelligence reported that the Russian leader is in such terrible form that he is now utilising at least three body duplicates.

According to Major General Kyrylo Budanov, the Ukrainian secret service had previously discovered body duplicates standing in for Mr. Putin on a number of ‘special occasions’.  He claims that the 70-year-old now treats them as a ‘regular practise,’ nevertheless. ‘ We know particularly about three people who keep showing up, but we have no idea how many there are’.

‘They all underwent cosmetic procedures to appear alike,’ he stated. Mr. Budanov asserts that their height is the one characteristic ‘that gives them away’.  Videos and images show it clearly. Additionally, since earlobes are personal to each individual and gestures, body language,’ he added After the 69-year-old appeared in Tehran for a meeting appearing more clumsy, animated, and excitable than normal, rumours that the Russian President may be using a body double started to circulate in July.


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