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New Zealand court takes custody of a baby whose parents refused treatment due to fear of COVID 19 vaccine

A sick baby whose parents refused life-saving treatment because the blood donors might have received coronavirus vaccinations was temporarily placed in the custody of a New Zealand court (COVID-19). According to The Guardian, which cited the parents’ attorney, the infant, known only as Baby W, underwent heart surgery the day following the custody dispute and is now doing well.

The six-month-old infant boy underwent the treatment and was doing well, according to the lawyer Sue Grey, who verified this to the broadcaster RNZ on Friday.

The parents had previously objected to a treatment because they thought the donated blood might have originated from a donor who had been injected with the Covid mRNA vaccination.

The case was heard by the Auckland High Court, which ordered that the baby will be placed under partial guardianship. The court’s decision allowed an urgent treatment for a heart disorder known as pulmonary valve stenosis to go ahead.


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