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These are the common reasons for relationship break-ups

Relationship experts themselves have listed some important reasons due to which a relationship can fail.

Disagreement- It can be due to various reasons ranging from personal reasons like possessiveness to financial and social issues, family issues, work problem, mental health issues and other health issues.

As per experts,  if a person have not  received the love or care in the past, especially as a child, it can create significant insecurities. If the partner is not aware of this, there are chances that the relationship will fail. Share your convictions about your own traumas and insecurities with your partner. That way you can get care or extra consideration.

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Ignoring and not meeting your partner’s needs, mainly emotional needs, can also lead to romantic failure. This problem can be overcome to a large extent by trying to express one’s own needs, discuss them with each other, ask doubts and clarify them.

In any relationship there are responsibilities that individuals must take on. Failure to do so will naturally affect the relationship. Irresponsible behavior is another reason why love fails.



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