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The lesser known story behind measuring drinks as Peg

The word Peg stands for ‘Precious Evening Glass’. Peg’s exact translation is linked to a long-standing legend about British mining workers. Although there isn’t much written evidence to support this assertion, it is generally accepted that after a hard day’s labour, miners would call their beverage ‘Precious Evening Glass.’

A little bottle of Brandy was provided to the mine workers in the United Kingdom to help them relax after a long day of work and to combat the bone-chilling cold, according to the unusual tale of Peg.

The ‘Precious Evening Glass,’ which was later referred to as Peg, was so named by the miner employees because they would eagerly await to drink their small glass of brandy.

During the British Raj drinks were measured only in two units: 30ml for a small Peg and 60ml for a large Peg. It may sound bizarre, but in the United Kingdom liquor was measured as Single for 25ml or Double for 50ml. ?

It was used for convenience and later it became a part of Indian drinking culture.


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