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Virginia resident Domenick Nati cancels Christmas plans after his Tesla would not get charged in freezing weather

People all throughout the world celebrate Christmas as a day of pleasure and festivity. Domenick Nati, a citizen of Virginia, experienced pain as a result of his Tesla S electric automobile leaving him dangling in the worst way possible.

Nati had to abandon his Christmas plans, according to an Insider story, since his Tesla refused to charge even after being hooked into the supercharger. Nati blamed the failure on the unusually chilly (-7 degrees celsius) outdoor weather.

‘Two hours went by and not much changed. It was very slow and the numbers got lower as the temperature dropped. Eventually, it stopped charging altogether,’ Nati told the publication.

‘I have no other vehicle so I decided to see if it just needed more time. Hours went by and with only 19 miles left to empty, I chose to leave the car plugged in and get a ride back to my house,’ he added.

The Tesla owner approached the company’s customer support to resolve the issue but nobody responded to him.


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