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Know all about sex after 50

Engaging in sex after 50 is not only good for physical health but also for psychological health. It is because, sex is a good exercise and it reduces stress and tension. But there are several myths about sex after 50.

Whether you are young or in your 50’s, there are certain presumptions we all make especially when it comes to our respective sex lives. Here are some of those busted myths.

Interest in sex is over after 50: This is not true. According to a survey, people have a renewed curiosity about their bodies and people in their 60s. Most of men and women find their sex lives way more satisfying than it did in their 40s.

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They have sex just to look younger: This is also wrong. Once people pass 50, their perception about their body changes. They did not give  importance to what others perceive of them and they embrace their sexuality.

Missionary is all you want to try after 50: This is also a wrong one. People in this age group are ready for new positions and style. Boring sex is not at all in the agenda of people in their 50s.

Sexual adventures are not in their will power: People in their 50s become more daring and adventurous.

The frequency of sex lessens after a certain age: As long as couples or people in their 50s are not bored of each other and are willing to try new things. People in this age group are as active as they were in their 20s.



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