Chennithala and Venugopal attack on Tharoor’s hopes of becoming chief minister

Shashi Tharoor has continued to be attacked by senior members of the Congress party for declaring his intention to run for chief minister of Kerala.

The president of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC), K Sudhakaran, said on Thursday that it was improper for leaders to choose their own position and state election district without consulting the party.

KC Venugopal, the in-charge general secretary of the Congress, and his predecessor Ramesh Chennithala both echoed Sudhakaran’s comments during the Friday works dedication for the K Karunakaran memorial in Thiruvananthapuram.

The general elections in 2019 must be the party leaders’ first priority, says Chennithala, not the state elections scheduled for 2026.

‘The necessity for a team effort must come first if we are to succeed. There is no need to predict what will happen in Kerala and the nation in four years, thus nobody needs to assert what position they will have in that time’ said Chennithala.

‘If someone has sewn a coat, I beg that they put it down and work toward success in the legislative election,’ the MLA continued. The reply, which was apparently made in response to Tharoor’s remarks, was enthusiastically greeted by the audience.

Every member of Congress should ‘take up the duty to not crush our ambitions,’ KC Venugopal pleaded. ‘Anything is up for discussion in our party. We must prevent the media from discussing what the leaders of Congress have to say.’

K Muraleedharan, a member of parliament, joked that if the general election was lost, nothing would matter. ‘It’s okay to dream,’ said UDF Convener MM Hassan, ‘but it’s best to keep your dreams to yourself.’


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