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Russia claims that India and China are far ahead of the US and Europe.

Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia has declared that, India and China are far more powerful economically, financially, and politically than the United States and EU countries.

Lavorv claimed that the creation of a multipolar world is an objective and inexorable process and that the West as a whole, which includes NATO and the EU and is entirely under the influence of Washington, is now attempting to halt this development.

‘However, their attempts are useless. The closest thing they have is a tiny deceleration of history’s objective trajectory’ In a statement, Lavorv stated.

‘No mentor visits or Western hybrid wars (including those in Ukraine) can halt the emergence of new hubs of economic, financial, and political dominance. In many ways, nations like China and India are already ahead of the US and EU members’ he added.

The future epicentres of multi-polarity, according to the Russian leader, will be in Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, the nations of the Persian Gulf, and other Latin American nations.

Speaking about the next BRICS conference in South Africa, Lavrov emphasised that multi-polarity is still occurring on a global scale even while regional identity is being strengthened in developing regions of the world. He referred to the BRICS as an example of global multipolarity.


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