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Simple tips to follow to revitalise love in relationship

Here listed are some ways to bring back the love in your marriage.

Express vulnerability: Expressing your vulnerabilities in front of your partner will make a big difference Expressing your feelings won’t make you look weak, but it will pave the way for healthy communication.

Don’t sleep in separate beds: This will worsen the situation. So avoid doing this. This will increase distance between the couples. Sleeping in the same bed or cuddling intimately once in a while can be just the solution you both need.

Keep your expectations realistic: Never keep over expectation about your partner. Keep your expectations realistic.

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All mistakes don’t matter: Criticism disrupts your relationship. Criticizing your partner on every little things are going to get ruined really quickly. Be selective on issues that needs your attention.

Forgive: Successful marriages run on a lot of forgiveness. You will eventually have to forgive some things that your partner does, and vice versa. Accept the fact that they are also trying their level best.



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