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Canadian government headed by PM Justin Trudeau drops controversial gun bill amendments after backlash

Following intense domestic criticism, the controversial gun bill modifications were dropped by the Canadian government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The proposed changes to the current gun legislation would have greatly expanded the prohibition on guns. At the public safety and security committee meeting on Friday, February 3, Liberal MP Taleeb Noormohamed announced the withdrawal of the changes.

Noormohamed made a motion to drop the G4 and G46 sets of changes.

Thousands of different types of firearms would have been subject to a ban had the modifications been approved.

The country’s internal opposition to the revisions had been fierce. These were perceived as liberal efforts to compel significant changes to Canada’s firearms legislation.

Among those voicing their opposition were indigenous leaders, premiers of territories and even members of the Liberal Party.

Several elements of the amendments led to the opposition. According to amendments, it was reportedly difficult to determine which guns were going to be banned and which ones would remain legal. Among those proposed to be banned were the guns widely used by licensed hunters and in rural community.


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