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A guide to Wayanad’s thrilling hiking paths

Without a question, Wayanad is a dream location for many travellers. Travel aficionados can’t help but be drawn in by the cotton-like floating mist, scenic valleys, foaming waterfalls, peaceful woodland, and winding forest roads. One enters a strange realm thanks to Wayanad’s natural splendour. If you enjoy hiking, Wayanad’s mountain ranges provide a wide variety of hiking paths in this captivating tourist destination in Kerala.

Adventurers can experience the appropriate amount of adrenaline rush on the trekking trails in the Banasura and Kattukunnu mountain ranges, and the beautiful green meadows of draw large numbers of visitors. There are also camping and bicycle facilities.

All-night Banasura trekking

There are designated pathways for cycling and trekking through the hills of Banasura. The cycling and trekking vacation packages must be reserved through travel companies. Cycling and trekking through vast tea plantations make for relaxing activities that will calm your body and mind.

The trekking route is around 20 km lengthy because you have to climb mountain ranges that are above 2,000 m high. To travel the entire distance, you’ll need the entire night, so make sure to get plenty of rest the day before your adventure. You should pack enough food for your walk and take care not to leave any trash in the forest. While trekking, there is a good chance of seeing deer, wild boars, and elephant herds.

Sights of Kattukunnu

The Banasura mountain ranges are next to the Kattukunnu mountain ranges, and from Kattukunnu you can see the Banasura reservoir from above. The area is filled with ethereal lakes, and it is a visual pleasure to see patches of white clouds floating over them. Make sure to bring extra clothing if you intend to swim in the lakes. While trekking, be careful to include anti-repellent creams because grass and trees make the ideal mosquito breeding grounds.

After taking a short break and finishing the four to five-hour Kattukunnu hike, you can continue your hiking in the adjacent Sayippu kunnu.

Meenmutty waterfalls

Near Kattukunnu and the Banasura mountains is the magnificent Meenmutty waterfall. To get to the 1,000-foot-high waterfall, one must trek through the lush forest. The waterfall, which will be accessible to travellers starting at 10am, allows tourists to take a bath. It should be mentioned that the businesses close to the waterfalls offer breakfast to visitors.

The Bansura Hills, Kattukunnu, and the valley are best visited in the mornings and evenings because these areas are quite hot by 10 a.m.


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