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Women hate these habits of men

There are several things that  upset women. So men must avoid these to have a beautiful love life. For a man it is not only important to know what charms a woman but also to know what could disappoint her.

These are those habits of men that upset most of the women:

Lying: Most women do not like their partner lying. Lying also will decrease trust in your relationship. If you lie to partner frequently then it will ignite doubts in her mind  about your whereabouts. This will cause a rift in the relationship.

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Selfishness: Women don’t like men who are selfish. Women love their partners to be caring. They wants their men to give importance to  her needs before his own sometimes.

Lack of Hygiene: Hygiene plays an important role in love life. So always maintain personal hygiene.

Flirting Habit: Some men have the habit of flirting with women other than their girlfriends. This can make your girlfriend insecure and cause friction.

Running away from responsibilities: Refusing to help your partner in household chores can create tension at home. Whenever possible you should help your partner in routine household work.



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