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Flat residences are hard-hit by the most recent water rate increase.

Residents of modest apartment complexes will be hard-hit by the most recent increase in water prices. This is a result of the Kerala Water Authority’s requirement that a complex be treated as individual dwellings if it contains fewer than 10 flats or building units.

The Kerala Water Supply and Sewage regulations say that, a building is deemed to be a flat complex if it has 10 units or more. Although any structure larger than 1,000 square metres may be considered flat, this clause is simply in place to provide a water connection.

According to a current KWA standard, if there are fewer than 10 residential units, each one should be treated as a house and the fee should be assessed accordingly.

Such apartment residents would be required to pay more than three times their existing costs when the KWA bills are delivered to consumers in the next months taking into account the most recent rise of 1 paisa per litre.

As previously reported, the most recent increase in water rates became effective on February 4. On January 13, the Left Democratic Front (LDF) gave the administration authorization to raise the water rate by 1ps per litre. The KWA will base its bill for the following month’s services on the new tariff structure. The increase will be available to all consumer categories. As per the revised rate, there will be a 10 rupee rise for every 1,000 litres of water.


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