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Indian Alexa users will soon have a new male voice option.

Amazon announced on Thursday that users in India would be able to alternate between Alexa’s original voice and a new, more masculine-sounding voice for the first time. Alexa has now been available in India for five years.

In a statement announcing the achievement, Amazon claimed that millions of customers in India have bought Echo devices.

‘Indian users will be able to choose between Alexa’s original voice and a new masculine-sounding voice for the first time. The brand-new voice may react in both Hindi and English’ The declaration read.

By saying ‘Alexa, change your voice’ on an Echo device or using the Alexa app and choosing Alexa’s voice in the particular device settings, users can alter Alexa’s voice.

‘Requests to Alexa on devices like the Echo Smart Speakers, Amazon Shopping App, Fire TV, and numerous other brands’ Alexa-enabled products surged by 37% in 2022 compared to 2021, making it a household name across the nation. The Amazon Shopping App (for Android only) was where most new consumers began their Alexa journey, which contributed to a year-over-year growth in monthly active users of over 55%’ It read.


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