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Indian Army introduces millets in rations to soldiers

By including millets in every member of its staff’s daily meal, the Indian Army encourages the consumption of millets. The military will provide the troops with three well-known millet varieties: bajra, jowar, and ragi. Millets offer the advantage of improving the nutritional profile of the diet of troops by serving as a rich source of proteins, micronutrients, and phytochemicals. According to the Army, traditional millet dishes with established health advantages and suitability for the local climate and geography would be a crucial step in reducing lifestyle diseases and boosting military satisfaction and morale.

The Army has taken measures to teach its cooks and has sent advisories to all of its units urging them to use millets frequently in organized events, barakhanas, canteens, and home cooking. For rations for troops beginning in 2023–2024, government approval has been requested to purchase millet flour up to 25% of the authorized entitlement of cereals (rice and wheat atta). According to the Army, chefs are receiving centralized instruction to make healthful, delectable, and nutrient-rich millet foods. The quantity required will determine how much is purchased and issued.


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