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Andrew Tate faces rape case by 3 UK women, his rise deemed obscure

Andrew Tate, a controversial social media influencer, is facing a lawsuit filed by three women in the UK who accuse him of rape and abuse. The law firm McCue Jury & Partners, representing the women, stated that the aim of the lawsuit is to seek ‘justice, accountability, and compensation for Tate’s victims’. The action is also meant to encourage ‘a UK criminal investigation into Tate’s crimes in the hope of his prosecution and conviction in the UK, in addition to the charges he is facing in Romania’. The alleged offences took place between 2013 and 2016 while Tate was living in the UK.

Tate and his brother were arrested in Romania last December on charges of rape, human trafficking and organised crime. Both have denied all charges. Tate was released into house arrest earlier this month after a Romanian court overturned a request by prosecutors for him to be detained until late April.

According to Sky News, the lawsuit to be filed by the three women will say that they suffered physical injury and psychological harm, which stopped them from working or living a normal life for many years. One of the women stated, ‘To have seen Andrew Tate’s rise in popularity and influence, while knowing who he is and what he has done, has been extremely difficult for those of us who were sexually and physically abused by him. We intend to prove in court that Andrew is abusive, coercive and controlling and that his public statements about women are nothing more than fantasy.’

The women had filed a police complaint eight years ago but claim detectives failed to investigate the allegations and dropped the case.


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