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Modi thinks he can enlighten God on the workings of the world: Rahul Gandhi

During an event at the Silicon Valley Campus of the University of California in Santa Cruz, Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader and former MP of Wayanad, showcased his sharp wit while responding to questions from moderator Sam Pitroda and the audience. Taking a sardonic swipe at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his fervent supporters, Gandhi remarked that they suffer from the delusion that a single individual possesses all-encompassing knowledge.

Gandhi stated, “To be under the impression that one person knows everything. That the world is too big and too complicated to understand that any one person can know and understand everything. That is the disease… We have a group of people in India who are absolutely convinced that they know everything. In fact, I think they think they know more than God. They could sit down with God and explain to him about what is going on. And our prime minister is one such specimen.”

In a comical tone, he further added, “I think if you make Modiji sit next to God, Modiji will start explaining to God how the universe works. And God would get confused as to what have I created… So this is what is going on. We have a group of people who understands everything. They can talk to scientists and speak science to them; they can speak to historians and talk history to them; they can explain warfare to the Army; flying to the Airforce… At the heart of it is the mediocrity (to figure out) that they don’t understand anything.”

Gandhi emphasized the importance of listening in order to truly comprehend, stating, “Because in life you will not understand anything if you are not ready to listen. This is the biggest lesson I learned from Bharat Jodo Yatra.”


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