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Follow these simple methods to identify emotional attachment of your partner in relationship

Without emotional support, it is impossible to maintain a relationship or be happy in a relationship. In order to get psychological support, you definitely need emotional attachment. But often in a relationship it is not always easy to recognize whether your partner is emotionally attached to you or not.

Emotional attachment   can be identified through the nature of the relationship and the behavior of the partner. Here are some things that indicate that your partner is not emotionally attached to you.

Lack of dedication is one of such sign. If your partner is not emotionally attached to you, that distance can be reflected everywhere. Not sharing their thoughts, deep feelings and secrets with you, not showing physical intimacy and affection, not looking into the eyes while talking can all be signs of this.

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Not talking for a long time can be a lack of emotional intimacy. For some, this is their defining characteristic.  There is a possibility that they are dealing with emotional problems on their own without sharing with you and are not emotionally connected to their partner.





Constant self-justification by your partner  can also be due to a lack of emotional connection with you.


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