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Putin says Moscow is ‘carefully’ examining proposals made by African leaders to end the conflict in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on Friday (July 28) that Moscow is carefully examining proposals made by certain African leaders to end the conflict in Ukraine, amid reports of an intense counteroffensive by Kyiv. During the Russia-Africa summit’s second day in Saint Petersburg, Putin expressed respect for these initiatives and emphasized their careful examination.

He highlighted that in the past, mediation efforts were primarily monopolized by so-called advanced democracies, but now Africa is also stepping forward to contribute to resolving issues that may not have been considered within its area of priorities.

Putin recognized the growing political and economic significance of the African continent, stating that it is becoming a new center of power with an exponentially increasing role. He pointed to the initiative by several African states to address the acute problem of the Ukraine crisis, and he expressed openness to reviewing it.

Previously, an African group visited Ukraine and offered crisis mediation, calling for military de-escalation, security assurances for both parties, and mutual acknowledgement of sovereignty. However, Ukraine rejected the offer, expressing concerns that it might freeze the conflict without ensuring the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory. The Kremlin had also noted that implementing the African proposals would be challenging.

In light of Russia’s recent withdrawal from an agreement allowing Ukrainian grain exports over the Black Sea, some African nations have expressed worry. However, Putin assured that Russia is increasing food supplies to Africa, including free grain shipments, which had been announced the day before the summit. He further expressed interest in developing military relations with the African continent.

Additionally, Putin declared that Russia is ready to supply certain weapons to Africa for free to enhance security on the continent. He also expressed a willingness to work more closely with African law enforcement and intelligence services.

Throughout the summit, Putin’s statements reflected Russia’s engagement with Africa and its willingness to consider and collaborate on various issues, including crisis mediation and security cooperation.


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