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Kerala Ready to Embrace Muslim Boy Slapped by Peers on Teacher’s Orders: V Sivankutty

The Kerala government expressed its willingness on Monday to adopt the Muslim boy hailing from Uttar Pradesh, who was subjected to a disturbing incident of being slapped by his peers under a teacher’s directive. The incident gained prominence through a viral video circulating on various social media platforms.

V. Sivankutty, the Education Minister of Kerala, affirmed the state’s commitment to offer superior education to the child if his parents consent. Sivankutty stated, “Should his parents agree, the educational department of Kerala stands prepared to embrace the child, ensuring his access to top-notch education.”

He further emphasized, “The people of Kerala and the state government are resolute in safeguarding the principles of secularism.”

The video unveils a distressing scene where a school teacher instructs students to physically reprimand a fellow student, ostensibly for not completing his homework. The teacher’s derogatory remarks towards the child, whom she labels as “Mohammaden,” and her objectionable comments targeting the community add to the disturbing nature of the incident.

In a parallel development, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan unequivocally denounced the incident on Monday and sought to establish a connection between this episode and alleged instances of communal strife in the state governed by the BJP.

Through a Facebook post, the Chief Minister alleged that the rise of “Hindutva communalism” was fostering an atmosphere of animosity within the nation. Pinarayi contended that the incident in Muzaffarnagar serves as a poignant reminder of how communalism and fascism have the potential to erode compassion and humanity within individuals.

Vijayan squarely placed the blame on the Sangh Parivar, asserting that their efforts aimed at dehumanizing minority groups and Dalits were pushing these communities to a position of social degradation even below that of animals.

“However, the incident in Muzaffarnagar is not an isolated occurrence, as the Sangh Parivar’s role in inciting riots has caused deep wounds in the region,” alleged Vijayan, emphasizing the broader context of the incident.


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