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Sunny Deol discloses going ‘bankrupt’ with each film he produces.

Sunny Deol is currently basking in the success of his recent film ‘Gadar 2’. Despite the movie’s release, the Bollywood star remains engaged in active promotions. Surprisingly, reports indicate that Sunny has decided to increase his fee following the box office triumph of the Anil Sharma-directed film. Amid these developments, the actor has made a significant decision to shift his focus solely towards acting. In a recent interview, Sunny Deol candidly revealed a noteworthy detail about his past experiences with film production.

In a conversation with BBC Asian Network, Sunny Deol shared his reflections on the challenges of producing movies. Recalling his most recent venture as a producer for his son Karan Deol’s film ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’, he confessed that he’s now steering clear of producing any more films. The underlying reason, as he disclosed, is the financial difficulties he encountered whenever he took on a producer’s role.

Elaborating on this matter, he explained, “Because I go bankrupt. The world has become very difficult. Years back, I could control things because distribution was normal. They were people we interacted with. There was a connection. Ever since the corporates have come in, there’s nothing. For an individual to stand tall over there, it’s difficult. You have to do your PR, run around, and they won’t give you your number of theatres. They don’t want individuals to be there. I had a tough time with my films in this past decade. You’re trying to do a certain kind of cinema, but you…”

Shifting the focus to Sunny Deol’s professional endeavors, it’s worth mentioning that he recently featured in ‘Gadar 2’. This film, directed by Anil Sharma, marked a notable on-screen reunion between Sunny and actress Ameesha Patel. Additionally, the cast included Utkarsh Sharma and Simrat Kaur. It’s interesting to note that ‘Gadar 2’ clashed with Akshay Kumar’s ‘OMG 2’ at the box office, adding to the dynamic landscape of recent film releases.


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