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Tharoor Calls for Peace in Israel Amid Kerala’s Unique Harmony


Shashi Tharoor, a Member of Parliament, delivered a compelling address, calling on Israel to halt its military operations in Gaza. His impassioned plea was grounded in the unique history of Kerala, a region known for its long-standing tradition of accepting and coexisting with Jewish communities. Tharoor’s speech was part of a significant gathering organized by the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) during their Human Rights Rally on Kozhikode Beach.

Tharoor voiced his concerns about the ongoing Israeli bombardment in response to a terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7. He argued that the scale of Israel’s military response had become disproportionate, resulting in the deaths of over 6,000 Palestinians, while Hamas attacks had claimed the lives of more than 1,400 individuals. He emphasized the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi, who famously cautioned against “an eye for an eye” and its consequences for escalating conflicts.

Tharoor pointed out the irony in Israel naming its operation ‘Swords of Iron,’ given the tragic loss of innocent lives, including children. He reminded the audience, predominantly supporters of the Muslim League, that the ongoing crisis in the Middle East transcended religious or ethnic boundaries, emphasizing that it was fundamentally a human rights issue.

A significant aspect of Tharoor’s address was Kerala’s historical message to the Jews of Israel. He proudly stated that Kerala had always welcomed Jewish communities, providing a safe haven for those fleeing persecution throughout history. Notably, Kerala stands as the only place in the world where Jews have never experienced anti-Semitic discrimination. Tharoor underscored the presence of approximately 8,000 Jews in Israel, descendants of Malayali Jews spanning over 2,000 years. He believed that the large gathering at Kozhikode Beach carried a powerful message: a desire for peace, harmony, brotherhood, and coexistence.

Tharoor’s message extended beyond the immediate call for peace; it was also a global appeal to unite in ending the human rights violations endured by the Palestinian people. He urged Israel to cease its campaign of bombing, halt the loss of innocent lives, and put an end to the ongoing conflict. His final plea was for an immediate ceasefire, emphasizing that the time for such action had long since arrived.


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