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Gulshan Devaiah signs up for a drama for his next film outing

Gulshan Devaiah has committed to a new film project, a heartwarming drama-comedy titled “Little Thomas,” directed by National Award-winning filmmaker Kaushal Oza. The movie, produced by Good Bad Films, is set to showcase the charming and simple life of a Goan family, promising a delightful cinematic experience. Alongside Gulshan Devaiah, the lead role features Rasika Duggal, and the film is anticipated to take audiences on a captivating journey into the world of family bonds.

Expressing his excitement about the project, Gulshan Devaiah shared his enthusiasm for being a part of “Little Thomas,” describing it as a unique blend of drama and comedy that captures the essence of family connections. He expressed fulfillment in working with the talented Kaushal Oza and sharing the screen with Rasika Duggal. Describing the film as a “little gem” with a heartwarming story, Gulshan Devaiah emphasized his happiness in being associated with such wholesome narratives.

The movie, shot in the picturesque locations of Mumbai and Goa, has recently completed its production phase, adding to the anticipation surrounding its release. Gulshan Devaiah, in addition to “Little Thomas,” is also set to appear in “Ulajh” alongside Janhvi Kapoor and Roshan Matthew, further contributing to the actor’s impressive body of work.


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