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Know the main reasons for cheating in relationships

People who have had higher numbers of sexual partners, or have impulsive tendencies, who are more likely to cheat, according to a study.

Although each relationship is unique, researchers at the University of Queensland studied why people are unfaithful found that there are certain factors that indicate a person is more likely to cheat.

According to the findings, published in the British Journal of Psychology, people who are impulsive may cheat simply because they do not pause to consider the situation, instead acting on their immediate thoughts and emotions.

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Additionally, those who have had more sexual partners in the past are inclined to be unfaithful and seek out other partners because they have developed certain “skills” in the area, according to researchers.

“Participants who had experienced sexual intimacy with a greater number of partners also reported greater extradyadic sex and extradyadic kissing inclination,” the study authors wrote. “This inclination may be attributable to the individuals’ skills at recognising sexual advances or recruitment of sex partners.”

Unsurprisingly, the top reasons for cheating are feelings of detachment from a partner and low relationship satisfaction – and researchers also found that length and the depth of relationship commitment have minimal impact on fidelity.



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