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Robbers who stole the National Award medal of director Manikandan returns it with an apology note

Unexpectedly, the perpetrators behind the theft of director Manikandan’s National Award medal have had a change of heart, returning the stolen item along with an apologetic note. The incident occurred in Usilampatti, Madurai district, where the director’s house is located, though he currently resides in Chennai while his property is managed by employees.

The remorseful robbers left behind a note expressing contrition, urging forgiveness for their actions, and acknowledging the director’s hard work. The apology note was accompanied by the returned National Film Award medal, which had been pilfered during the burglary. The theft was discovered on February 8 when the director’s employees, visiting the property to attend to his dogs, noticed signs of forced entry.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that along with the prestigious medal, the robbers had also made off with five sovereigns of gold jewelry and a sum of one lakh rupees in cash. Prompted by the commencement of a police search, the perpetrators seemingly reconsidered their actions, opting to return the stolen medal and offer an apology instead.

The unexpected turn of events underscores the complexity of human behavior, demonstrating how individuals may experience a change of heart and seek redemption even after engaging in unlawful activities. For director Manikandan, the return of his National Award medal likely brings a sense of relief and closure, albeit against the backdrop of an unsettling incident of theft.


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