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Skygazers may witness a spectacular celestial display of the ‘devil comet’ during the total solar eclipse next month

Sky watchers might have the opportunity to observe an impressive astronomical event known as the “devil comet” during the upcoming total solar eclipse. This celestial phenomenon, formally designated as 12P/Pons-Brooks, is heading towards Earth and has the potential to present a striking display, potentially visible to the unaided eye if it erupts prior to totality – the phase when the Sun is completely obscured.

Details about the ‘Devil Comet’:
The “devil comet,” measuring approximately 10.5 miles (17 kilometers) in diameter, follows an orbit around the sun that is highly elliptical, completing its journey every 71 years.

Recognized as an ice volcano or cryovolcanic comet, it experiences periodic eruptions triggered by solar radiation causing a rupture in its icy crust, allowing cryomagma – a combination of gas and ice – to be ejected into space.

The comet’s coma, a cloud of gas and dust surrounding its nucleus, becomes more pronounced following these eruptions, resulting in a visibly brighter appearance for the comet over several days.

In July of the previous year, the “devil comet” underwent its first eruption in 69 years, and it has since continued to erupt on a regular basis.

Initially, the comet’s extended coma displayed asymmetry, resembling horns, hence earning it the nickname “demonic.”


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