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Germany: 62-year-old man gets COVID-19 vaccine more than 200 times

In a peculiar instance from Germany, a 62-year-old individual underwent vaccination against COVID-19 more than 200 times, yet remarkably, he did not suffer any adverse reactions from them. The man received vaccine doses privately over a span of 29 months, a practice contrary to medical advice.

This extraordinary medical scenario is detailed in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal.

Upon encountering this unusual case through newspaper reports, researchers at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg decided to investigate further. The team, led by Dr. Kilian Schober from the university’s microbiology department, invited the man to undergo various tests in Erlangen. The individual willingly provided fresh blood and saliva samples for analysis, and the researchers also examined some previously stored frozen samples.

Despite receiving a total of 217 vaccine injections as protection against COVID-19, the 62-year-old German individual, whose identity has not been disclosed, did not exhibit any side effects. Following his participation in the study, the team collected additional blood samples from the man after he received another vaccination, as per his request.


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