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Guruvayur Temple attracts devotees for first Vishu darshans of Lord Krishna

Vishu, celebrated today, is a time for Malayalees worldwide to reminisce about prosperity and agricultural abundance. It’s a day when preparations are made to welcome prosperity and extend goodwill to others. The sight of Vishukani, adorned with golden marigolds and agricultural produce like cucumbers and fruits, symbolizes the promise of prosperity for the year ahead. Following the Vishukani viewing, elders bestow blessings known as Kaineetam, and families gather for feasts featuring local delicacies, accompanied by traditional rituals like bursting firecrackers and lighting flowers to mark the Sun’s transition from Pisces to Aries. For Kerala’s farmers, Vishu is also a time to prepare for the upcoming year’s crops.

In Guruvayur, a large crowd of devotees gathered to seek the darshan of Lord Krishna during Vishupulari. The auspicious Vishukani darshan, held from 2:42 am to 3:42 am, was followed by Shanti Pallissery Madhusudhanan Namboothiri presenting the Kani to Guruvayurappan. Devotees were then allowed access to the Srilaka door, where the namaskara mandapam was adorned with the auspicious Vishukani setup. Additionally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his Vishu greetings to the people of Kerala today, expressing wishes for a year filled with success, happiness, and good health.

Vishu, a day filled with cultural and spiritual significance, resonates with traditions and rituals that symbolize hope and prosperity for the year ahead. From the symbolic Vishukani setup to the blessings of elders and the joyous gatherings of families, Vishu celebrations bring communities together in a spirit of optimism and renewal.


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