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Apple introduces feature to alleviate motion sickness on iPhone and iPad

Apple has unveiled new accessibility features for iOS users who experience motion sickness while using their devices in moving vehicles. Addressing the sensory conflict that arises from discrepancies between visual and tactile perceptions, Apple will introduce Vehicle Motion Cues for iPhones and iPads. This feature, set to launch later this year, utilizes animated dots at the screen edges to indicate changes in vehicle motion, reducing sensory conflict without disrupting the main content. Users can easily toggle this feature on or off in the Control Centre or set it to activate automatically on their device.

In addition to Vehicle Motion Cues, Apple is enhancing accessibility with other capabilities tailored to users with impairments. One such feature is eye tracking, enabling users to navigate, scroll, and perform gestures solely with their eyes on the screen. Voice shortcuts provide further hands-free control, while support for custom vocabularies and complex words, color filters, and sound recognition functions in CarPlay cater to the needs of passengers and drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Moreover, Apple introduces the Music Haptic feature, allowing users who are deaf or hard of hearing to feel music through vibrations and textures on their iPhone. With this accessibility feature activated, the Taptic Engine in the iPhone adds tactile elements to the audio of the music, enhancing the user experience for individuals with hearing impairments.


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