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Know how eco-sexual your are

Ecosexuality is an extreme kind of environmentalism in which the Earth is viewed as a lover. We’ve all heard the expression ‘Mother Earth,’ but ecosexuals see Earth as their lover. While this may appear strange to you, it is not without reason. Ecosexuality invites us to regard Earth as a partner, supporting her while enjoying the numerous joys she has to offer. Climate change is a severe issue, according to ecosexuals, and our world requires more love and care than ever before. They feel that ‘we should appreciate Earth for all that it does for us,’ just as one would regard a lover.

Being an ecosexual is essentially about offering Earth some love, and this love may emerge physically for certain people. Some see it as a means to express one’s sexuality while also engaging in environmental advocacy. Ecosexuals add joy and pleasure to their advocacy by participating in performance art and promoting sex-positive surroundings. This physical interaction might entail things like embracing trees, stroking the dirt with their feet, and chatting erotically with plants. They are sun worshipers and stargazers. They enjoy waterfalls and admire the contours of the Earth. They make love to Earth with their senses.

Being an ecosexual does not just imply that you like ‘being one’ with nature; it may also imply having intercourse with a partner and incorporating nature into the action in some way. It might be anything to do with the physical sensation of dirt or grass on your skin. So, if you’re seeking to spice things up, a quickie with your spouse in the great outdoors may be precisely what you’re searching for.

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Ecosexuality is the confluence of ecology and sexology. It is more than a pastime; it is an identity, just as some people identify as homosexual or bisexual. Ecosexuality is becoming more accepted at a time when varied sexual and gender identities are being recognised. Ecosexuals can be of any gender or sexual identity. Someone can identify as heterosexual, gay, or bisexual while simultaneously identifying as ecosexual. This openness allows individuals to bond through their mutual love of the earth.

Ecosexuals claim that by convincing people that Earth is their ‘lover’, they would be able to battle climate change. They feel that if we cared for Earth as a partner, we would be more involved in safeguarding it. Ecosexuality requires you to uphold your end of the bargain with your partner, Earth. The major purpose of ecosexuals is to promote and make people aware of safer and more sustainable alternatives to common items in order to battle climate change. While many have criticized the ecosexual movement, its success stems from its ability to remain apolitical and focused on its primary goal of environmental preservation.

It’s crucial to realize that ecosexuality may take many forms. While many ecosexuals are interested in exploring direct sensual connections with the Earth, sex with trees is not needed. It makes no difference how you express your ecosexuality. Take satisfaction in the fact that you are a member of a worldwide community that values the environment. Ecosexuals’ connection with the Earth has evolved from one of exploitation to one of collaboration. If you wish to experiment with a new sexual expression or live a more satisfying life, ecosexuality and its natural joys may be for you.



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