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Simple ways to recover accidentally deleted photos from your smartphone

Mumbai: Most smartphone users  prefer sharing images and videos on various social media platforms. Unfortunately, many users accidentally delete a few important photos or documents.

Here is a guide to help you restore your accidentally deleted photos, videos or documents, from your smartphone.

Method 1: Recover from the recently deleted folder

It’s almost with every smartphone- they come with a built-in safety net for deleted files. In it, when you delete a photo or video (intentionally or by mistake), it does not vanish immediately. Instead, it goes to the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder, from which the photo/video/document can be restored easily. Here’s how you can access and restore your files from the folder:

For Android users:

Open the Gallery App and navigate to your phone’s gallery or photo app.

Find the ‘Recently Deleted Folder’ which is usually named ‘Recently Deleted’ or ‘Trash’.

Restore your files: Browse through the folder to find your deleted photos or videos. Select the ones you want to recover and tap ‘Restore’ or a similar option.

Note: Photos and videos remain in this folder for 30 days before being permanently deleted.

For iOS Users (iPhone):

Open the Photos App on your iPhone

Access the Recently Deleted Album

Go to recover your files and there, select the photos or videos you wish to restore

Tap on Recover

Note: Like on Android, files in this folder will only be available for 30 days.

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Method 2: Recover from Google Photos Trash

If you have Google Photos set up on your smartphone, then there is another layer of backup available for the users. Deleted photos and videos are stored in Google Photos’ Trash for a longer time, which gives an extended window to recover the mistakenly deleted files.

Steps to recover from Google Photos Trash:

Open the Google Photos App

Navigate to the Trash Section

Browse through the deleted files which you would like to retrieve by clicking on the ‘Restore’ button.

Note: Google Photos keeps the deleted files in the Trash for 60 days, which is comparatively a longer recovery period.

Additional Tips for iPhone Users:

iPhone users can have the option to recover photos via iCloud. Here are the steps:

Visit iCloud.com and sign in with your Apple ID.

Open the photos section to navigate to the Photos section

There, find the ‘Recently Deleted’ album.

Recover Your Files by selecting the photos which you wish to recover and click on ‘Recover’.




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