Growing wastage disappoints SriLankan government

The accumulated wastes had begun to cause serious environmental and health hazard on SriLanka. The Kotikawatta protest, which took place last Tuesday, was mediated with a set of ambiguous promises and unanswered questions lingering at dusk, yet to be put into action or clearly interpreted. Kotikawatta, situated roughly 3.2 kilometres away from Meethotamulla, is also home to a landfill, in which the piles of solid waste are accelerating.

Garbage collapse in Meethotamulla has unravelled several protests around the country. The inability of authorities to develop a proper waste management is a result of frictions in the political culture of Sri Lanka, which is allegedly the dragging force of the majority of local problems.

Although there is a chunk of literature on SWM projects practicable to Sri Lanka and policy recommendations generated by academics and professionals, it has not been incorporated in the policy cycle effectively. Thus, the destiny of the garbage quandary and its consequences remain unresolved and tangled in the web of the Sri Lankan political game. The solution that has been expressed by the authorities, is dumping garbage in other sites, which is none other than a path forward to another Meethotamulla scenario, possibly lying low.


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