Kerala fails to impress Swachh Survekshan Survey 2017

God’s own country fails to impress the Union government’s Swachh Survekshan Survey this year.

Kerala, which claims to be the cleanest and greenest state of India is unfortunately not there in the list of cleanest cities. Most disappointing factor is that none of the cities of the state are in the list of top 10 or 20.

It is reviewed that the state capital is lot dirtier than Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. However to those who had gone over the reports of survey released last year, this news won’t bring much surprise as last year the capital city ranked 40 in the list.

The listing of 2016 hadn’t evoked much response among the public. For a few years, the state is facing the crisis of waste management. With its high population density and conversion of every piece of land into real estate, it has become impossible to set up dumping grounds or waste-processing units.

The city corporation has eradicated all the measures for proper waste management and disposal. People are now forced to dispose waste on their own by dumping it on the streets.

The city’s waterways are polluted, and beaches have become muddied. The highway to Kovalam, one of the most famous beach in the country, is littered with refuse.

Many regions of the nation which were once free from chronic diseases are today being exposed to dengue, chikungunya and malaria. Hospital admissions from infectious diseases are on a high lift.


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