Trolls brought me back: Salim Kumar

Trolls inspired me to get back into the film industry, says famous Mollywood Actor Salim Kumar.

The actor took a break from the industry due to his medical conditions, but it was trollers that kept him alive in social media through their trolls, he thanked the trollers personally. He was attending the discussion on the topic “Salim Kumar and Trolls” on the conference conducted by Kerala Cartoon Academy. The International Chalu Union (ICU) Members also took part in the discussion forum.

The ICU is a group of young trollers who recently gained popularity through the trolls created with film bits, ICU focus on the current social and political issues. “We are not making trolls, we create memes” claimed one of the ICU claimed. ‚Äútrolls have a negative meaning a, so is improper to address us, as a troll group” he added.

“Most trolls I get on WhatsApp, is based on my characters, and I enjoy it,” Salim Kumar said.


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