Ghostly bungalow buried in Thenmala Dam reappears

The ghostly bungalow buried deep in the bed of the Thenmala dam has made a reappearance to the surface. The electricity production has been stopped and the second dispersal valve has been opened.

The tip of the Bungalow at Vattakkarikkam, built in the British era was seen as the water level fell to 89 meters. The twin generators at the dam with 7.5 MW capacity has been turned off due to the drop in water pressure.

The second dispersal valve was also opened 20 centimetres, as the water level dropped down. Earlier the water was supplied from here for electricity generation. The first valve was opened two weeks ago.

The dam currently holds only enough water for service the next two weeks. With water demands from Pathanamthitta and Kollam, the amount of water being supplied through canals has also gone up. The last time the bungalow had appeared on the surface was in 2013. The state met with a drought much severe than now.


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