WhatsApp group for Kerala police, DJP Senkumar not a member yet

Newly appointed Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Tomin J. Thachankary had created a WhatsApp messenger group with an objective to bring the employees closer, an initiative to solve urgent issues. The WhatsApp group named ‘PHQ Admin’ missed one name conspicuously, it is none other than T.P Senkumar.

As the group member limit is 256 a second group was also created, however it is learned that some of the officials have refused to join the second group.

Official Matters and messages related to employee welfare and general knowledge can be subjected to share in the group, but anti-government forwards will not be allowed.  Also, employees can apply for emergency leave in the group.

Since there is software to track the movements of file, discussions related to such matters will not be allowed.

The government appointed senior police officers to keep an eye on Senkumar and to track down the movement of files from his office after obtaining a favourable verdict from Supreme Court and joined back in force.

Rumors regarding the WhatsApp groups spread around that, they were formed to keep a tab on the functioning of headquarters.


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